12 Piece Dinosaur Play Set $9.99 SHIPPED


These “animals in a tube” are the bane of my existence.  Every gift shop – zoo, museum, science center, aquarium – has their own selection and I’ve seen them run in price from $12.99 to $19.99!  And these are the first thing my son zones in on in a gift shop!

Amazon has this 3.2″ Mini Dinosaur Assortment Set of 12 Dinosaur Figures Toy with Plastic Storage Drum for just $9.99.  That sure does beat gift shop prices.

There are also these too:

Assorted Rain Forest Animal Figure Toys (Lot of 12) $4.90

Shipping is free with Prime or on an order of $49 or more.

I know I’ll save myself a lot of heartache (and probably a few dollars) if I get that rainforest set before our next trip to the zoo.  He will bypass the gift shop if I tell him he’s already got a prize in the car!

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