Lowe’s Cancels Build and Grow Program

 I started checking the Lowe’s Build and Grow Website shortly after Christmas to see what workshops were coming up and every time I did there was a message about the website being under construction.  I had this gut feeling that the reason was because they had not made, nor were they going to make, anymore plans for Build and Grow workshops.

The new message on the website when I recently checked confirms that the Build and Grow program is done.

This makes me sad because I’ve been taking Bug to these since he was 3!  His first one was a firetruck – they used to do the firetruck every October.  We have 6 of them – as well as dozens of other toys he built that he still plays with – racecars, airplanes, trains, police cars.  So sad to see this go.


Will your kids miss the Lowe’s Build and Grow Workshops?

On the bright side, Home Depot still has kids workshops the first Saturday of every month.
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