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packagefromsanta3Every child WANTS to believe in Santa Claus, and those years when they start to doubt are tough for parents.  Bug just turned 8 and he has lots of questions about Santa.  I can tell he’s really trying to hold on to the belief.  I know time is fleeting.  But I think we have one more season of belief.

What if there was an easy, inexpensive way for you to ensure that Santa Claus remains a strong belief in your child’s heart? Well, there is!  Kids love letters from Santa… but how about a whole package from Santa?

PackageFromSanta.com offers you a choice of 3 unique treasure chests of authentic, custom Santa Claus goodies, sent right to your child, directly from the North Pole! It’s a bundle of proof with YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON IT! Every Package is painstakingly crafted, packed and shipped with care and even includes a real Santa return address and genuine North Pole Stamp!

But that’s not all! Santa further proves his existence with a Personalized Phone Call & Personalized, Movie-Quality Video starring your child! That’s a $15 value, absolutely FREE with EVERY package!

Hearing, touching and seeing is BELIEVING! Result?? No more non-believers! (Be sure to have your camera ready!)  Watch a VIDEO from PackageFromSanta.com now to learn more.

PLUS! Now you can also get an **EXCLUSIVE-LIMITED-TIME-FREE-BONUS!** Instantly!

Keep your child behaving during the hectic (and sugar laden) days leading up to Christmas with a personalized, high-quality, printable 100% FREE Nice-List Guide from Santa Claus. Includes your child’s photo, name, and top 10 behaviors needed to stay on Santa’s Nice List! Personalize your child’s Nice-List Guide now here www.freenicelistguide.com It only takes 60 seconds… nothing to buy, now or ever. :)

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SAVE 25% OFF every Award-Winning Personalized Santa Letter Package (even the Platinum Package!) sent directly to your child from the North Pole!

Start a new Family Christmas tradition with the #1 online Santa Letter service today!

Go to https://www.packagefromsanta.com and use coupon code FAM2016 to save 25% off every order.   Offer Expires 12/15/2016


**BEWARE!** Of online Santa Letter copycats! Only PackageFromSanta.com has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and top-notch customer service for over 10 years. And don’t forget Santa’s Super-Satisfaction Guarantee: YOUR child (and you!) must be absolutely delighted – 100% thrilled in every way – or we’ll send you a prompt and cheerful refund, no questions asked. Questions? The Christmas Cheer Team is happy to help! 866-894-4789.

Did you know that believing in Santa actually helps boost children’s mental development and social skills?

It’s true. According to psychiatrist Lynda Breen, “The festive ritual of exchanging presents associated with Santa helps develop a child’s sense of charitable giving as well as their consideration of others less fortunate than themselves.”

And what better way to keep them believing than with the World’s #1 Personalized Santa Package? Each one says, “Santa’s thinking of you… you’re very special to me… and I’ll be visiting YOU soon!”

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