Easy (Cheap!) Spider Web Decoration for Halloween Parties


If you want a BIG decoration for a small amount for your Halloween party, you need to do this spiderweb!  You need a roll of black crepe paper (party streamers).  You can get a roll at Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, Dollar General and pretty much any grocery store.  For just a couple bucks you’ll have all you need for this!  And tape, you’ll need tape.  Since this is an indoor decoration, scotch tape worked just fine.

  1. Pick your central point for your web.  A corner works well.  I used the light fixture in the center of my ceiling.
  2. Go out from your central location.  You need to do this at least three times (equal spaces apart) but you can do even more if your space is larger.  Rotate the paper as you go for the “twisted” look.  Straight just doesn’t look as well.
  3. Once you have all your main strings, go across from the farthest stream on one side to the farthest on the other.  Rotate as you go again and pulling it over the main strings.  Depending on how far out your main strings go will determine how many times you need to go across.  Three worked for me.

Ta-da!  Happy Halloween!