3 Ways to Give the Gift of Chick-fil-a This Christmas


3 Ways to Give Chick-fil-a for the Holidays

Who loves Chick-fil-a?  The answer to that should be everyone.

There are three ways to give the gift of Chick-fil-a for Christmas!

  1. Gift Cards!
    Gift cards are a great choice for giving at Christmas!  It’s the gift that gives again and again!  Bug loves a couple Chickfila gift cards in his stocking because that means HE can choose when he gets a Chickfila treat because he has the means to pay for it!
    Chickfila has even made these adorable little gift tags for gift card giving!
  2. Cow Calendar
    The Chickfila Cow Calendar is another gift that gives again and again because it comes with a promo card loaded with a different freebie for each month of the year!
    Here’s the offers on the 2016 Calendar – you can expect just as great ones on the 2017 Calendar!
  3. A Chick-fil-a Tray
    There are plenty of options for trays of yumminess from Chickfila!  Trust me, if you show up at my house with a Chickfila tray, you will NOT be turned away!
    You can get trays of nuggets, strips, Chik’n Minis, Wraps, Chicken Salad sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and more!


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