Upload your Receipts to Receipt Hog to WIN


In between bites of BBQ, be sure to upload your receipts from all those purchases this weekend!

This Labor Day weekend, Receipt Hog is giving away 500 coins to 5 lucky Receipt Hoggers who submit at least 3 receipts anytime through Monday!

Don’t understand the Receipt Hog app?  It really is easy!  I made this video to show you how to use the Receipt Hog app from start to finish.  Start snapping those receipts today so you can start earning rewards!

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Here’s how to use Receipt Hog cash back app:

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This is probably the EASIEST rewards app out there!  Receipt Hog!  To use Receipt Hog you sign up for an account here and then download the app to your phone.

When you shop, upload your receipt – no need to worry about what you bought, there are no item specific offers.  You earn coins (points) based on how much your receipt total is.  You can redeem these points for gift cards or cash!

You can redeem grocery store receipts, drug store receipts, Target/Walmart receipts (even non grocery purchases) and convenience store receipts (buy a soda and candy bar at the gas station?  Scan it!) And retail store receipts!   (I’ve earned points for purchases at Kohl’s, Michael’s and more!)

Ready to get started?  Sign up for Receipt Hog now!

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