Donating School Supplies to Kids in Need #ALDIGivesBack


I am happy to be participating in the Giving Back Packs event as I have done in years past.  I love school supply shopping – it’s quite fun snagging all these deals for pennies when the sales are so great.

One store that may not pop into your mind when we talk about school supply shopping is Aldi.  But you may be surprised at what you find in your local Aldi.

Aldi is this year’s sponsor of the Giving Back Packs Blogger event.  Thanks to Aldi, over 30 back packs are being filled with school supplies and donated to children in need around the country.   In our community, several business are serving as “drop off locations” and are having a contest to see who can collect the most school supply donations.  The bank, city hall, library and several local restaurants and store fronts are drop off locations.  We love our local library so we decided to drop off our donation of supplies there.  They were delighted with the donation – apparently ours was one of the biggest single donations yet.


You can follow Aldi for updates and thank them for their sponsorship by visiting them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram:

If you want to see what other bloggers are doing as part of this partnership you can check out the hashtag #ALDIGivesBack

If you’re shopping at Aldi for school supplies, just know that they might not all be in the same section.  And they’re likely mixed in with other things.  Like the construction paper in the picture I almost missed because the case of pasta sauce was on top.

The first thing I came across were the Crayola school art kits – they had these for K-3rd grade and 4th-6th grade.

They also had lunch boxes and lunch containers for packing lunches.

They had pencils, pens, plain paper and construction paper.

And my store is a relatively small store.  I’m sure larger locations would have more.

And since time is money, you can pick up your school supplies at the same place you’re picking up snacks and school lunches!  I love shopping at Aldi for snacks because thanks to recent changes they’ve made, I know I can pick up anything in the store and it’s guaranteed to have no artificial food colors – which is a BIG deal in our house since Bug has a super sensitivity to artificial food dyes (see: Aldi Has Removed Hydrogenated Oils, Artificial Colors, And MSG From Its Stores)


So along with all my school supplies, I was able to grab snacks like the big bags of single serve bags of chips ($3.99 at Aldi vs. $5.99-$6.99 at other grocers) and Fruit Punch juice boxes (with no artificial colors!) for $1.89.  Bug’s favorite mini-muffins for breakfast ($1.99 at Aldi vs. $3.49 at other grocers).  As well as staples like bread (whole grain white currently $.99/loaf!) and peanut butter!

Thanks for giving back, Aldi!