Dollar General: $5 off $20 worth of School Supplies (thru 9/6)


Through September 6thh, Dollar General is helping you with your school supply shopping but offering a $5 off $20 purchase of school supplies!  

This is a digital coupon so you have to sign up for their digital coupons but it’s quick and painless!  You’ll use your digital coupons account to activate the coupons you want and then at the checkout in store you’ll enter your phone number on the keypad.  Your digital coupons will be applied!

Load your $5 off $20 school supply purchase coupon now!

Here’s the prices on school supplies at Dollar General:

Elmer’s Glue Sticks (disappearing purple) 3pk $1.50

Crayola 24pk crayons $1.50

Crayons (off brand) 24pk $.50

Crayola 64 ct crayons $3.00




School Glue (off brand) $.50

Cap Erasers or Pink Erasers $1.00

Pencil Sharpener $.50

Mechanical Pencils (off brand – 8? pk) $1.00

Yellow Pencils (? pk) $.50

Yellow Pencils (? pk) $1.00

Fashion Pencils (? pk) $1.00

Jumbo Glue Stick (off brand) $.50

Glue Sticks (off brand) 3pk $1.00

Colored Pencisl (off brand) 12pk $1.00

Markers 10pk broad (off brand) $2.00

Push Pins $1.00

BIC ball point pens 10pk (black or blue) $1.50

BIC Fashion Pens (colors) 8pk $1.65




Mechanical Penciles (off brand) 10 pk $2.00

Bic Ball Pen 10pk Red $1.50

Binders $3.75

Construction Paper $2.35

2 Subject College Rule Notebook $1.50

1 Subject Notebook $1.00

Highlighter 5+1 pack $2.00

BIC Mechanical Pencils $1.50

BIC correction fluid $1.00


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