Compliments for Coupons: Van’s, Stouffer’s, Applegate, Ortega and 3 more


Compliments for Coupons

Compliments for Coupons is a revival of the Contact Us series I used to do. Contacting your favorite companies/brands is a great way to get coupons!

Every Wednesday I will give you 7 companies to write to.  You can do them all in a day or one a day.  Within a couple weeks you’ll start seeing the coupons pouring in the mail!

Why would we do this? Because 99% of the time, they will reward your time and effort spent contacting them with coupons!! (It is better if you do not ask for coupons. Just give your honest opinion on the product(s)

Stouffer’s – online contact form here

Van’s Natural Foods –  online contact form here

Vitalicious – online contact form

Ore-Ida – online contact form  (It’s on the Kraft foods website.   I just specified in the comments that I was writing about Ore-Ida products)
Ortega –  online contact form
Applegate – online contact form (unless you have a complaint.  Then follow the directions here.)
Some of these forms did not have a space for filling in mailing address.  For those, I just signed my comments with my name and address.  

I encourage you to formulate your own question/comment/feedback to the companies featured on “Contact Us.” To get an idea of what to say about a company, read this post.

Catch up on contacting companies here.

Please note that comments left on this post will not be seen by the company mentioned.  I am not affiliated with the company.  Please follow the appropriate link appove to reach the company.

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