“Pennies for Disney” and other Vacation Fund Jar Printables

We’ve been saving our pennies for Disney!  Well, we’ve been saving A LOT of things for Disney.  But the most visible is our penny jar.  I made this to get my son involved with the saving.  We throw all our pennies in the jar and he gets super excited when he finds pennies on the ground because he wants to put them in the Pennies for Disney Jar!

Our Penny Jar is just a washed out glass spaghetti jar.  It’s the perfect shape and size for wrapping the label around.   You’ll have to trim a little off the bottom of the sheet for height, but width is perfect.  You can probably use a large mason jar too.

I found that double sided tape works the best for adhering the paper to the jar.  Just a bit on each end and it’s stuck good!

Print your “Pennies for Disney” and other vacation fund jar labels here.

Pennies for Disney

There are THREE Disney jar labels.  When you download the PDF HERE, all three are on one sheet.  You can cut them apart and use one label, or you can trim off the bottom of the paper (to size it to the height of your jar) and wrap the whole paper around it.  The jars in the pictures are actually all the same jar with the one sheet of paper wrapped around it.  I just keep it with the “Pennies for Disney” side facing forward.

See?  Same jar, just turned different ways so you can see each individual label.

disneyfundjar2 disneyfundjar1

I made several printables – both Disney and non-Disney – so you can label your jars whether you’re saving for Disney, a big getaway or a trip to the beach.  It makes saving more fun when you have something cute and motivational staring at you!!

 All the printables are in one PDF file here.  You just pick the page you want to print.  Mickeys are page 1, planes are page 2 (you can print and wrap the whole page around your jar – or cut out one label)  and beach money is page 3.

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