#GoBowling FREE Bowling Coupons on Sixlets candy boxes at Dollar Tree!


 It is time to #GoBowling!  Check the candy aisle for boxes of Sixlets that have coupons for free bowling on them!  Awesome!  That’s a lot of fun trips to the bowling alley!  Dollar Tree carries the boxed Sixlets candy!  A $1 box of candy gets you a free game of bowling!
Our closest bowling alley doesn’t do free summer bowling (what a bummer!) but they are on the list of participating centers for the GoBowling offer on Sixlets candy!
Can’t find the candy?  No worries!  Keep reading to see how to get a free game coupon mailed to you!


GoBowling.com wants to give you a FREE game of bowling NOW!  Check for the list of participating centers near you.

Sign up to get a free game of bowling with GoBowling – a $6 value! Valid daily from 8:30am – 5:30pm through August 31, 2016!

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