Why a Halftee is Exactly what you need in your Wardrobe



Looking to add to your wardrobe for the spring and summer?  Let me tell you about Halftee and you’ll see that it’s exactly what you need!

From the Halftee site:

Do you love the layered look, but hate the bulk and the heat that all of those layers create? We do too! That’s why we invented the Halftee, a tee shirt designed specifically to give you the neckline and sleeves you need to create your own layered style without being so encumbered with fabric. With halftees, you don’t have to ruin your carefully-created look just because the temperature (or the thermostat) is higher than you expected.

Our halftees end right under your bust line, so you don’t have all of that material around your waist. (Who wants that?) They make the perfect base for your unique, individual layering style. Whether that’s rugged, bohemian, ethereal or no-nonsense, we have you covered!


Halftees come in a variety of styles.  I have a short-sleeve V-neck and a turtleneck one.  Both in black but they come in different colors too.

In the pink sweater picture above, I have on the short sleeve halftee.  That’s one of my favorite sweaters but I have to wear something under it.  It’s just too low without something.  Up to this point, it was either a longsleeve cotton tee or a black tank top.  The long sleeve shirt often made the sweater too hot.  And while the tank didn’t, they still both cause excess fabric under the sweater.  Now, thanks to Haltee I can get the coverage I need just where I need it!

The blue shirt is another shirt I can’t wear without something under it.  After I had a baby, I ceased to be able to button any of my button-up shirts.  I can fit in them, it’s just that the top 3 or 4 buttons won’t button anymore.  Enter Halftee!  Thanks to one Halftee, my wardrobe has grown to include about 8 shirts I haven’t worn in a very long time!  It’s like having new clothes!

My final Halftee example is the turtleneck Halftee.  I woke up late for church last week.  I took a shower but didn’t have time to shave my legs.  It was going to be a warm spring day.  All my spring dresses are knee-length (and remember, I hadn’t shaved my legs!)  All my “leg covering” outfits were either winter or in the laundry.  What to do?

Well, I have this one black & white long sundress that I don’t wear to church because I feel it leaves a little too much bare to be respectful.  Not so much in the front, but in the back as you can see in the picture below.


But thanks to the sleeveless turtleneck Halftee I wore that dress to church last Sunday morning!   It provided a cute little turtleneck look in the front (as you can see in the very top picture) and in the picture directly above, you can see how much extra back coverage it gave me, while still being sleeveless and working perfectly under my dress!

I also wore the sleeveless Halftee under a vneck sweater during the winter too.  It was great for a little extra warmth around my neck without extra bulk under my sweater!

You know what I like the MOST about Halftee?  They don’t ride up!  It’s their signature 2″ wide band at the bottom of the halftee (just under your bust line) that causes them not to ride.  They are also reversible if you want a higher neckline!


Halftee has tank Halftees, 3/4 and long sleeved Halftees as well as styles made of lace if you want to wear it under something dainty.

Check out Halftee.com to see more and order now!

Many thanks to Halftee for providing me with a few samples to try out!

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