National Wildlife Federation Disney Vacation Sweepstakes


The National Wildlife Federation, Subaru and Disney’s Conservation Fund have teamed up to teach children about conservation.  Kids can be wildlife heroes right in their own backyard by creating a butterfly garden.

Upload a photo of you, making the American Sign Language sign for butterfly, as your pledge to help the Monarch butterfly. The sign for butterfly is made by linking your thumbs and crossing your two hands in front of you at the wrists with your palms facing you. After taking the pledge, you will receive one Butterfly Garden Starter Kit per pledge, while supplies last. Once you have your kit, learn how to garden and watch your wildlife garden bloom!

Then, enter HERE to win a trip for four to Walt Disney World!

The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF), founded in 1995, is a key pillar in Disney’s efforts to protect the planet and help kids develop lifelong conservation values. DWCF grants provide financial support for: the study of wildlife; the protection of habitats; the development of community conservation and education programs in critical ecosystems; and experiences that connect kids to nature through exploration and discovery.

And it also might be a good time to brush up on How to spot a fake Disney Sweepstakes.

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