Winn-Dixie Weekend Sale April 16 & 17


Winn-Dixie’s Weekend Sale – April 16 & 17, 2016

The image above sums up the weekend specials.  And there aren’t any coupons currently available for those items.  But have you seen the sale ad for Winn-Dixie this week?  I’m going to have to make it a priority again to work the Winn-Dixie deals.  Their ads are getting better every week!

Check out the sale ad for Winn-Dixie!

And don’t forget, Winn-Dixie has introduced new LOWER PRICES on hundreds of items throughout the store!  Check out THIS LIST of lower prices you might find on your next trip!

Stay tuned for more Winn-Dixie deals!  This week’s ad has gotten me excited about shopping there again!



Plus, pick up your Go Wild Collector’s Book on your next trip and with every $20 you spend you get a FREE pack of 4 Go Wild Animal Collectible Cards!  (My son is currently sorting all of his in the kitchen floor right now!  He is in animal heaven right now!  Well played Winn-Dixie, well played.  You’ll have us back in store soon to get some more!)



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