EASY Christmas Snowman Door Decoration



Ok, I realize it’s no where near Christmas.  This is one of those things that I meant to post before Christmas or right after but it kept getting pushed to the side.

BUT the good thing is that you can always PIN THIS IDEA now and save it for later!

This was probably the simplest decoration in my house this Christmas but it got the most attention, my son LOVED it (we actually kept it up for a little while after the Christmas decorations went down because, hey, snowmen are still valid in January!) and it was super easy!

All you need is a white door, black cardstock (or construction paper) and orange cardstock (or construction paper), red ribbon and double sided tape.

I cut 8 circles of the same size out of black – 5 for the mouth and 3 for the buttons.  And two slightly larger circles for the eyes and an orange triangle for a nose.  The ribbon is actually two pieces. I started each piece at opposite edges of the door and made them meet like you would expect a scarf to.  I trimmed accordingly.

It’s all attached with double sided tape.  The ribbon was the hardest but I just kept adding pieces of tape when it would sag and it finally stopped giving me trouble.

We strung lights around the door but that’s totally optional.  But it looked great at night!   I forgot to take the doorknob hanger off for the picture.  That’s a regular decoration on our doorknob.

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