Amazon Prime Pantry: Get FREE Shipping on a Prime Pantry Box in April

Did you try Prime Pantry last month when I told you about it?  You didn’t?!?!  Well, you’re in luck because you can get FREE shipping on one box in APRIL too!  (And even if you DID get a box last month you can use this month’s code for free shipping on another box!  How great is that!)

Just add 5 items from this page (there are a lot to choose from in beauty, health & wellness, cleaning, personal care and household products) and then full your box up the rest of the way with any other Prime Pantry items you want and use code PANTRYAPR and the box will ship for FREE!


Ok, I think I’m kind of in love with Amazon Prime Pantry!  What is Amazon Prime Pantry?  It’s another perk for Prime members!  Get store sized quantities of various products (instead of the bulk size like you would with Subscribe and Save) at prices comparable to the store!

Each box ships for $5.99 and you’re allowed to fill it up!  As you add items it will tell you how much of your box it will take up and how much percentage of space and weight you have left.  Once you’re box is full, checkout and it will be on it’s way to you!

For a limited time, buy 5 select items and use code PANTRYAPR to get FREE shipping on one box!

So if the shipping is FREE why wouldn’t you TRY a box!?!?!?

I was able to find prices at least as good if not better than at the store!  You might ask, but what about coupons?  Well, some of the Amazon Prime Pantry items have coupons available from Amazon!  Which made the prices on these items at least as good as the store prices.  If I can get something for the same price it would cost me at the store but also got it shipped for free of course I would go with having it shipped to me!

Here’s my box:



I got Lysol wipes because I was OUT and didn’t have time to wait for my next Subscribe & Save shipment.  And the price was just as good as S&S!  I got juice Bug really likes that’s hard to find around here.  Got Hubs’ favorite deodorant for less than store price because there was an Amazon coupon to clip.  I also got deodorant for me with an Amazon coupon.

I got Always and Kotex for me because, ugh, I hate trying to find the ones I like in the store.  I’d much rather take my time scrolling through online than quickly grab something in the store before my son asks  what’s this stuff on this aisle, mommy??  The Bandaids were something we can never have enough of (and they came in handy when Bug busted his elbow the day after the box came!) and I had like 0.5% of box space left and since I got free shipping, I might as well fill up the box!

Finally, trash bags, toilet bowl cleaner some dry goods (rice, stuffing) and a big box of pudding – again, all for as good or better than I could get them at the store and you know what?  I didn’t have to go to the store.  I shopped for all this in my pajamas, in my bed on a Saturday morning.

Don’t forget to shop Prime Pantry with purchase of select items, use code PANTRYAPR to get one box shipped FREE in April!


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