25 Easter Egg Fillers (Non-Candy Ideas!)

I try to do goodies for Easter that don’t involve a lot of candy.  Bug will get plenty of candy from other people, he doesn’t need to get candy from us too.

Here are some ideas on little non-candy  things to fill your Easter eggs with!

Easter eggs come in various sizes so there are things that will fit in the medium to large ones that you might not have thought about!  Especially if it’s something that comes in a pack (like bandaids) and you open the box and put just the bandaids in an egg.  You should be able to put almost a whole box of regular size character bandaids in one large egg!

1. Stickers (especially the ones on a roll or the  individual foam stickers like in the picture)
2. Bouncy Balls
3. Bandaids (what kid doesn’t love character bandaids?)
4. Matchbox Cars
5. Chapstick/Lip Gloss
6. Nail Polish
7. Hair Clips

8.  Temporary Tattoos

9.  Play jewelry for the girls

10. Individual fruit snack packs (for the bigger eggs)

11.  Puzzles pieces.  Buy a puzzle and fill eggs with a few pieces each.  Great for a hunt – then they have to assemble the puzzle to see if they found all the eggs!)

12.  Money!  Bills or coins.

13.  Homemade Prize tickets (extra half hour of TV, one day with no chores, etc.)
14.  Fun socks (bigger eggs)

15. Small Laser Lights

16. Finger Puppets

17. Small toy animals

18.  LEGOs.   Purchase a small set and fill eggs up with the individual pieces.

19. Small Self-inking stamps

20. Any party favor small enough to fit!  Check out all these party favor toy ideas!

21.  Child’s watch – I was able to fit one in a large egg for Bug one year!

22.  Rubber bracelets

23.  Goody-bag sized cans of play-doh

24. Small pull-back race cards like these here or here.

25.  Mini-bubbles

Can you think of anything else for eggs?

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