Honesty is the best Policy

Hey, guys. I just wanted to let you know that I’m taking a brief hiatus. And it’s not even a full hiatus. I’ll still be posting a few things here and there and check in on the current giveaways. Regular posts like Free Weekend Activities and the Sunday Giveaway Linky will go up as normal. But for the next week or so I’m going to allow myself a BIG break. Posting 15-20 posts a day takes a LOT of time. I am a homeschooling mom and I also have a part time work from home job in addition to the blog. I am behind in everything in my life.

I am not a “big blogger” and I don’t have anyone working for me.  So everything is up to me.  And it’s really hard to keep up with deal blogs that have a “staff” churning out posts.  I appreciate your support of a small blog like me!  I hope that if you need to print coupons you’ll consider using the coupon printing widget on the right side of the page.  And if you need to do some shopping on Amazon, I hope you’ll consider clicking on the Amazon banner below. It’s no secret that my site depends on your support and when you print coupons or shop through Amazon it helps me pay the hosting fees and domain registration for my little piece of internet real estate.

I plan to use my “time off” making Easter cookies and dyeing Easter eggs with my son. Doing a little reading for myself and getting my garden ready. As well as not fun things like catch up on laundry and tame these mess piles all over the house. And gosh, y’all….I still have to do my taxes!

I also plan on using some of the time to work on some QUALITY posts for you guys. Recipes, crafts, money-saving ideas. Posts like that take a while to write especially when pictures have to be edited for it. And these ideas I have keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list every time a new deal or coupon comes out.

I also want to work on content for my homeschool blog at Life, Learning, Homeschool!

The newsletter may only go out every other day during this time so as to not flood your inbox with a newsletter with only 3 or 4 posts. I hope you’ll stick with me during this break while I recharge my batteries. It’s much needed!

I plan on being back at it full force in about a week – or at the very least by the end of March.

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