VeggieTales in the House now on DVD | 8 Episodes for $9.99


VeggieTales are in the house for Spring Break!  Grab the all new VeggieTales in the House: Puppies & Guppies DVD anywhere VeggieTales DVDs are sold!

It retails for $14.99 on the VeggieTales site but Family Christian has it for just $9.99!

Join Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and all their veggie friends in this super-sized collection of 8 all-new stories full of music and fun!

In these hilarious adventures about pets, popcorn, jet packs and more, kids will laugh and learn what it means to be responsible and kind to others. And parents will like knowing their kids are entertained by stories based on values from the Bible! 


Puppies & Guppies
After seeing Ichabeezer with a puppy, Larry and Laura Carrot each want one of their own, but can they even take care of a bowl of guppies?
Lesson: Responsibility

Junior Gets a Pet
Junior befriends a young buffalorange that wanders into town. But Ichabeezer want to capture it!
Lesson: Obey Your Parents

The Guppy Whisperer
Jimmy and Jerry get a guppy of their own, but they don’t know what to feed it! Laura Carrot, the Guppy Whisperer, to the rescue!
Lesson: Take care of your pets
Verse: Proverbs 12:10

Cool As A Cucumber
Jimmy and Jerry Gourd tell Larry that he’s not “cool” so Larry gets a pair of sunglasses, and gets a bad attitude, thinking that’s what being cool and fitting in is all about.
Lesson: Be kind and considerate first, and fitting in will follow
Verse: Luke 16:10

Laura at Bat
Laura Carrot dreams of hitting a game-winning homerun, but discovers that it takes more than dreaming in order to be good at something.
Lesson: Practice and hard work produce results

Bob, Larry and Madame Blueberry accidentally flood the kitchen with burnt popcorn.
Lesson: Mercy & forgiveness
Verse: Ephesians 4:32 paraphrased

Junior Jet Pack
When Motato kidnaps Ichabeezer’s beloved dog Rooney, it’s up to LarryBoy and his new sidekick, Junior Jetpack, to rescue him.
Lesson: Being brave
Verse: 1 Timothy 4:12 paraphrased

Larry’s Cardboard Thumb
Larry convinces Petunia to let him take care of her plant one day, but can he handle the job?
Lesson: Being honest

What do we think about VeggieTales in the House?
Bug hasn’t seem to be bothered by the revamp of VeggieTales for the new VeggieTales in the House Netflix series.  However, all his favorites remain the older videos – Josh and the Big Wall, Where’s God when I’m Scared, LarryBoy – and some of the newer ones before the change – Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas and The League of Incredible Vegetables.
I on the other hand am having a hard time with the update.  I don’t think the new series conveys the same feeling as the older shows.   The messages are a little watered down and some of the characters have what I would consider “negative” character traits.  That’s not to say that in the older ones the characters didn’t make mistakes (otherwise there would be no lesson to learn) but I feel like VeggieTales in the House has taken it to a different level – upping the bad behavior and watering down the message.   Also, Icahbeezer is just annoying as  his “grumpy old man” character.
And gone are the days of your favorite veggies acting out Bible stories (like Larry as Daniel in the Lion’s den from Where’s God when I’m Scared, or Junior as David up against the might Goliath in Dave and the Giant Pickle.
VeggieTales in the House is slowly growing on me but it will never hold a candle to the original series.

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