Babies ‘R Us Great Trade-in Event 2016 going on NOW thru February 29

It’s that time again for the Babies ‘R Us Great Trade-in Event!

You will be able to bring in your old baby equipment and trade it in for a discount on a new item anytime between February 1st and February 29th.  They are doing things a little differently this year, so if you’re a regular to this event, be sure to read everything through.

tradein2016If you have a RewardsRUs Card (not a credit card, just the store membership card) you can bring your trade ins starting on January 29th.

If you have a RewardRUs CREDIT Card you get a 30% discount on your new item.  No credit card holders get 25%.

Your trade in savings pass is valid the day you trade in ONLY and on ONE item from the below categories.  (Don’t worry, if you don’t find what you’re looking for they’ll give you your old item back!)

Here are the items you can trade-in:

  • car seat
  • stroller
  • travel system
  • high chair
  • play yard
  • bassinet
  • infant swing
  • bouncer
  • entertainer
  • walker
  • cribs
  • toddler/twin beds

There is no limit and you can trade in as many items as you want.  Each item you trade in will get you 25%/30% off ONE item.

Purchased items can be from different categories. (For example, trade in stroller for new car seat or high chair for new stroller, etc.) And if you don’t find an item you want, they will give you your trade in back.

Be sure to price compare with to make sure the item you want with 25% off from Babies R Us is the best deal.

We did this a couple years ago when Bug needed a car seat upgrade and was able to get a better, more expensive car seat for less than the lower priced option we would’ve had to have buy without the 25% off coupon!

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