TeenSafe: 2016 List of Blacklisted Apps for Teens | See which apps should NOT be on their devices

With teens spending more and more time on their mobile phones, every parent should know about the new trends in mobile apps that pose serious dangers and many times go under the radar. Although many already have rules in place about Internet and mobile safety, TeenSafe, the first and most popular parental smartphone monitoring and management service has put together a new infographic apps that should be blacklisted – apps no teen should have on their phone, anonymous apps that can cause trouble, apps to use with caution and other risky apps.

If you have kids with devices, please take the time to check these lists!   Keep reading for the lists, but check the infographic at the very end of the post to see WHY these apps are classified like they are.

  • Apps that should be blacklisted – these are apps that can be used to meet strangers and hookup

o   Tinder

o   Blendr

o   Omegle

o   Down

  • Anonymous apps that allow users to post anonymously which can lead to cyber bullying

o   Yik Yak

o   Ask.FM

o   Whisper

  • Apps that are popular among teens but should be used with caution (young children and preteens should NOT use these apps)

o   Snapchat

o   Kik Messenger

  • Other at risk apps that are widely used for innocent and practical reasons but can be used to find inappropriate contact

o   Tumblr

o   Vine

o   WhatsApp


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