Dealspotr: I’ve Earned $15 in Amazon Gift Cards – Why Haven’t You Joined?


Have you heard of Dealspotr yet?  Probably not.  I didn’t know it existed until about a month ago.  But I’m all about finding ways to earn FREE Amazon gift cards so I had to give Dealspotr a try!

I’m so glad I did because I’ve cashed out for $15 in rewards already!  Level 1 is a $5 Reward, Level 2 is a $10 reward and now I’m working on level 3 – a $30 gift card!  The first two levels were so easy to get to that if you join now, you’ll probably be able to grab $15 in time to help with Christmas gifts for THIS year!  And then you’ll have a whole year to start earning for NEXT CHRISTMAS!  Imagine how much you’ll have then!


So what is Dealspotr?

Dealspotr is a sharing site for the best deals.  Think, Facebook – but only for deals.  You have a profile page where you can post deals you find (super easy to do with their “fill-in-the-blanks” forms for submitting deals) and then you have a newsfeed where deals from stores or other Dealspotr you follow have posted.  For example, if you follow me on Dealspotr, you’ll see every deal I post.  If you follow, Target, for example, you’ll see every deal another Dealspotr has posted at Target.  So you have complete control over the deals you see.

Yeah, but how does this earn me Amazon giftcards?

With Dealspotr, you earn Karma points for participating.  Posting a deal gets you Karma points.  And every deal on the site has a voting option.  Voting on deals gets you karma points.  AND if YOUR deal gets voted up by other members, then YOU get Karma points.  Lastly, leaving helpful comments on deal posts earn you Karma points.


I ranked up one level AND got a $5 Amazon giftcard in just 2 days!  

So what are you waiting for?  Join Dealspotr today!  Plus, if you sign up using this link you get 50 Karma points automatically!

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