Compare Prices, Track Prices and Always Find the BEST Price with New Site

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Shogasm for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you always looking for the best deal?  Of course you are or you wouldn’t be here checking out my site of great deals!

Well, let me tell you about a new site!  Shogasm is an incredible new site that allows users to find, share, track, collect, and organize items from hundreds of online stores. It is easy to find deals on what you’re looking for because it compares prices from different websites and tracks prices so you can see if the item you’re looking for has ever been cheaper!  It’s like the ultimate price checker and price comparison tool!  

It is totally free to use, easy, and fun–and can save you a lot of money.

Key features include:

  • Price history charts (see what an item cost yesterday, last week, last month, and if the current price is the lowest ever.)
  • Price tracking (enter the price you want to pay, and we’ll let you know when it’s on sale for that price or less.)
  • Comparison shopping (find out if another store has the same item for less.)
  • SHOcases (collect and organize the products you like into boards or wish lists
  • Deals algorithm (whether you are looking at all products, products at your favorite stores, products you like, products in a SHOcase, search results, etc., you can list them according to what is the best deal, is the cheapest, most recently had a price reduction, etc.

So here’s a screen grab for this LEGO set to show you how it works:

It shows Amazon’s List Price (regular price) and it’s current price.  PLUS, it also shows me the LOWEST it’s ever been on Amazon and WHEN it was that price!  Then at the bottom it compares it to Target, KMart and Sears prices!  So I can clearly see that at the moment, Amazon is the best price.  BUT that it’s also been considerably lower (just a month ago!) so if I don’t need it right away I might save a little by waiting.

Now, of course you don’t want to have to remember to check the price everyday so I can just tell Shogasm to TRACK this item for me and it will let me know if the price drops!

I see myself having lots of fun with this site!

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