Shop Kohl’s Black Friday ONLINE | 15% Savings Code


Here’s what you need to know to shop for Black Friday:

  • Kohl’s Cash: $15 back for every $50 spent!  This is the most awesome Kohl’s cash amount!!  Always check your cart total before tax and shipping.  If you are close to the next increment of $50 it’s really worth it to grab a low price item to put yourself over for the next amount of Kohl’s cash!
  • 15% off your order!    Use promo codes TURKEY15 to save 15%!
  • Free shipping with $50 or more.  Or choose free Site to Store Shipping with no minimum purchase requirements!

There are some Kohl’s Black Friday sales that are online only!  So it may be to your advantage to just shop from home today!  So go shopping!


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