Kohl’s Black Friday Pricing Goes Live TONIGHT!


So here is some EXCITING shopping news!  Remember all those Kohl’s Black Friday deals I posted a while back?   Well, every single one of them is going LIVE ONLINE TONIGHT!

I don’t know exactly when.  Most likely around midnight CST.  But I’ve got my fingers crossed that it might start a little earlier.  But here’s what you need to know to shop Kohls.com late tonight or early tomorrow morning:

  • Kohl’s Cash: $15 back for every $50 spent!  This is the most awesome Kohl’s cash amount!!  Always check your cart total before tax and shipping.  If you are close to the next increment of $50 it’s really worth it to grab a low price item to put yourself over for the next amount of Kohl’s cash!
  • 15% off your order!    Use promo codes NOV15 or SAVING15 to save 15%!
  • Free shipping with $50 or more.  Or choose free Site to Store Shipping with no minimum purchase requirements!

So, who is ready to do some early black friday shopping??

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