Hasbro Board Game Rebate + Toys ‘R Us Sale = $2.99 Chutes & Ladders, Memory & $4.99 Clue + More


If you’re going to be out shopping between now and Saturday, and board games are on your Christmas shopping list, you’ll want to check out these Hasbro Game Rebates!  There are 16 different games that are each eligible for a $2.00 rebate.  AND you can redeem EACH game rebate one time.  That’s a total of $32 in rebates!

Toys ‘R Us has a sale this week (thru 11/14) to go along with the rebate.

Memory, CandyLand, Cootie & Chutes&Ladders are on sale for $4.99 – making them just $2.99 each after rebates!

Sorry, Guess Who?  Trouble, Clue and Connect4 are on sale for $6.99 – making them just $4.99 each after rebates!

Scrabble, Twister, Battleship and Operation are on sale for $10.99 – making them just $8.99 each after rebates!

Don’t forget you can find all the latest Christmas Shopping Deals by clicking here or on the Christmas Deals button anytime you visit!

Don’t know what to get? Check out the Holiday Gift Guide for ideas!


Thanks My Litter!


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