Labor Day – What is it?

New York, 1900. “Labor Day parade crowd, Main Street.” Detroit Publishing Company Source: Shorpy
What is Labor Day?
Labor Day is dedicated to celebrating the achievements of the American Worker. First celebrated in New York City on September 5th 1882 by a parade of 10,000 workers. Founded when many in America worked 16 hour days in harsh work environments. Labor Day became a national holiday in 1894 after President Grover Cleveland signed the bill into law. Interestingly enough he was a staunch opponent of organized labor groups but pushed Labor Day through congress to stop riots that were breaking out across the US.

Do you know your Labor Day food Factoids? Take this fun 6 question quiz first.
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1. Most people consider Labor Day an American Holiday, instead it has origins in Canada stemming from labor disputes in 1870.
2. It’s the 3rd most popular grilling holiday.
3. According to the National Hot Dog and Saugsage Council, hot dog season begins on Memorial day and ends on Labor Day.?
4. Waffle House national food chain opened its first outpost on a Labor Day
5. If you are from the south you’ve probably heard it’s the last day to wear white.
  • Wear nude shoes instead – they make you look thinner and longer
  • Accessorize – the new Winter White handbags or a scarf.
  • Layers – white is okay to wear with heavier pieces like sweaters and jackets
6. According to the U.S Census ?
  • Unemployment rate held at 9.1% August 2011
  • 153.2 million people age 16 and up make up theĀ US workforce (July 2011)
  • Average commute is 25.1 minutes
  • 3.2 million communters travel 90 or more minutes to work each day
  • 16.5 million Americans leave for work between midnight at 6am
  • 5.9 million people work from home
7. Where do Americans work?
  • Teachers: 3,039,523
  • Janitors or building cleaners: 1,478,204
  • Hairdressers, stylists or cosmetologists: 395,503
  • Bus drivers: 265,429
  • Computer operators: 101,889
  • Bus drivers: 265,429
  • Bakers: 117,405
  • Telemarketers: 55,733
  • Telephone operators: 32,394
  • Actors: 10,980

8. Healthcare is the most rapidly growing industry with the highest demand for new employees.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statics News Release 9/2

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