Tax Free Shopping Weekends still remaining in 2015

taxfree2There are still a few back to school tax free shopping weekends coming up across the country.  Check the list to see if your state will be having one.

Tax free does not mean that the tax rate will be 0% in all areas.  Participating states will be waiving the STATE tax but there are still city and county taxes.  Some cities and counties may waive their taxes as well.  Check your state link for more details.  It may be beneficial to drive to another city or across county lines if the one you’re in is not waiving the additional taxes.

Tax free weekends start July 31 in some states.  Most are the weekend of 7/31 or 8/7.

Alabama  8/7-8/9

Arkansas 8/1-8/2

Connecticut  8/16-8/22

Florida 8/1-8/3

Georgia 7/31-8/1

Iowa 8/7-8/8

Louisiana 9/4-9/6

Maryland 8/9-8/15

Mississippi 7/31-8/1

Missouri 8/7-8/9

New Mexico 8/7-8/9

North Carolina no longer offering sales tax holiday

Ohio – 8/7-8/9

Oklahoma 8/7-8/9

Tennessee 8/7-8/9

Texas 8/7-8/9

Virginia 8/7-8/9

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