Chik-Fil-A Cow Appreciation Day 2015 | Dress Up as a Cow on 7/14 for FREE Food

Celebrate Cow Appreciation Day 2015 at a local Chick-Fil-A on July 14th.  Dress up like a cow and get FREE food!

Dress head to hoof in costume and you’ll get a FREE MEAL!

Dress in a partial costume and you’ll get a FREE ENTREE!

Kid’s can participate too, so bring the whole herd!  Your costume doesn’t have to be fancy.  DIY Cow costumes are easy to make!

Download a cow costume kit and get some ideas here.

This is our costume from a previous year.  I used a white garbage bag with head and arm holes cut out and then taped black construction paper spots on it.  I downloaded ears, snout, tail and sign from the site above to finish it out.  Last year I put the ears on a black ball cap for Bug – it worked better!

Also, last year I reprinted the pieces on cardstock and saved them so we can use them each year – saves on ink!  And drawing the spots on the white garbage bag worked well too!

Here’s last year’s Cow Appreciation Day Costume:


For my costume, I wore black shorts and a white shirt with the black spots taped on.  Added a sign, tail and nose and they deemed it enough for a free meal.

What counts as a full costume and a partial costume is up to your manager.

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