Fun for Kids: Cloud Dough Recipe



Fun for Kids – Cloud Dough Recipe

Don’t underestimate how much fun a tub of flour and baby oil will be!  I had come across this and mentioned it to Bug.  Only to discover I did not have  a full bottle of baby oil.  Never fear!

4 cups of flour to every 1/2 cup (4oz) of baby oil works just fine.  The recipe I found said 8 cups flour and 1 cup baby oil.  But alas, since I was lacking the 4 extra ounces, I just halved the recipe.

4 cups was enough for Bug to play in and to share on the days our little friend came over to hang out.  I would recommend starting with 4 cups anyway and then if they love it add the rest.

I added some small containers, measuring spoons and a biscuit cutter.

Storage:  If I had thought this out well enough I would’ve put it in a lidded container.  But I’ve kept it uncovered in the tub in the picture above and it’s fine.  It doesn’t seem to be something that will dry out.

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