Easy American Flag Craft for Kids


Looking for an easy American Flag Craft for the kids? Here’s something easy you can whip up before the 4th.  Or on the 4th if you need something for the kids to do!

For this craft you need:

  • 7 Jumbo Craft Sticks per flag
  • red, white and blue paint and paintbrushes
  • tape (I used clear packing tape)

And here’s what you do:

  1. Lay your 7 sticks together where the edges are touching and even.  Place tape from the top stick to the bottom stick.  I like the packing tape because it’s wide.  If you’re using a thinner tape you’ll need to do a couple strips.  This will be the back side of the flag.
  2. Now paint.  The stripes are easy because each stick is it’s own stripe.  Just remember to start with red at the top.   I used a pencil to draw off the blue part – from the middle to 4 sticks down.  This was just to help Bug know where to make the blue.  Older kids can do this themselves.
  3. Let the blue dry well before trying to paint stars.

Done!  See, I told you it was easy!

You can put a little magnetic tape on the back so you can hang it on the fridge. Or put some felt sticky pads or rubber pads on the back and you have a coaster!

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