The GE Reveal Difference | Light Your Home with the Best


The GE Reveal Difference – Lighting Your Home with the Best Bulbs

Choosing the right bulb for each room can be easy if you remember these four steps: pick the right fit, choose the right brightness, select energy savings and lifetime of the bulb, plus the right color and effect.  

I’ll admit, I usually go for whatever is cheapest when it comes to buying light bulbs.  And then I get mad at myself because the bulbs in my open fixtures don’t match or are giving off different “colors” of light.  Light is supposed to be light, right?

Well, no.  If you want your home to be lit well, you need “white light”.  Not those dingy, dim, yellowish bulbs.

You can see the lighting in my hallway in the pictures above.  The picture on the left shows the lighting before I changed the bulbs to GE reveal bulbs.   The light is yellow-ish and it looks like it only shines in one spot.  I’ve always hated how dim it is in the hallway.  It’s like the light stays up at the ceiling.

I changed the two bulbs in the fixture to two GE Energy Efficient Reveal 60 watt bulbs.

You can see the difference in the picture on the right.  The light reaches parts of the space the other bulbs didn’t and my door actually looks white!  And the color of the walls in the second picture actually looks like the real color.

I’m a convert.  No more cheap bulbs in this house!  Next fixture to change out is the one over my dining room table!

You can also watch this fun and stylish video featuring four hip tastemakers discussing the importance of good lighting and how quick and easy it is to do afresh  lighting makeover for 2015.

GE provided me with an assortment of bulbs to try out.  I received no monetary compensation for my review.  All opinions are my own.


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