Download Cubetris Game for FREE for Android Devices


Amazon has the Android game Cubetris for FREE today!  This app is regularly $.99

Cubetris is a simple and fun to play puzzle game. The object of the game is drag the Tetris like shapes to fill the given shape with no empty spaces. The pieces cannot be rotated.

Each level comes with a unique ID that can be loaded or shared with your friends.

When you share a level, by clicking the Facebook / Twitter icon on the bottom right, it generates a link from which your friends can load the level. If your friend has Cubetris, it will open the level automatically once they click the link.

– Super addictive game play
– Over 2 billion levels (Randomly generated)
– Themes (12 backgrounds, 10 pieces)
– Achievements (Accessed by clicking on the trophy on the main screen)
– Clean and easy to use interface
– Two modes of difficulty
– Grid sizes from 5×5 to 10×10 with up to 14 pieces
– Share levels with friends
– Neon Glowing pieces on dark backgrounds

If you like puzzle games like tangram, unblock puzzle, unblock me, doodle fit, block puzzle, Tetris fitting puzzle, Tetris block puzzle, blocks puzzle, block sliding puzzle, block fitting puzzle, or any similar puzzle games, you will love this puzzle game too.

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