Why Use Essential Oils?

whyuseeosOne of my New Year’s Resolution is to take charge of my family’s health and well being.  I’ve become increasingly aware of “modern medicine”, “big pharmaceutical” and the roles government plays in those things.  And being the skeptic that I am, I never feel like the government has the every day persons best interest in mind.  And really, should we be pumping our bodies full of synthetic substances if there is a better option available?

Now, I’m not against going to the doctor, or medicines and I don’t believe that all modern advances in medicine are bad.  Yes, my child is vaccinated; yes, he gets the flu mist every year.  If he’s sick, if I’m sick, we go to the doctor.  If I have another baby, I will have it in a hospital, just like I had him.

BUT there are times that I think, what could we have done to prevent this trip to the doctor?  Not gotten sick in the first place?  Had better treatment options at home?

Or what happens if one of us gets sick or hurt and we are not able to seek medical treatment – like perhaps in the the event of a natural disaster?

So I started researching, I dug a little deeper than the emergency preparedness articles that tell you to store up canned goods, bottled water, first aid supplies and a month of your necessary medications.  We do all that, but I just felt like it wasn’t enough.  What if we had a need that reached beyond that?

The answer kept coming up as Essential Oils.

I know a lot of people think that it’s a bunch of hocus pocus, old wives tales’, or outdated practices.  But I feel like when God created the world he put things in place to meet our needs.  Philippians 4:19 even says, “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

It doesn’t say, “God will supply all your needs when modern medicine catches up….”

It doesn’t say, “Doctors will supply all your needs….”

For thousands of years people were taking care of the sick and injured with things they grew in their backyard.  I believe God intended for us to use the resources he put on the earth.  Medical advances are great but they may not be the best.  And they shouldn’t always be our front line.  If using Thieves oil keeps us from getting sick, then we should use that first.  If Lavender oil and Purification oil help an infected cut, burn, sore or bug bite, we should use that instead of running to the doctor for antibiotic cream.  If Frankincense can remove skin tags, why go to the doctor to have them removed?    If I can make a facial moisturizer out of coconut oil and Frankincense, why should I keep buying creams full of ingredients I can’t pronounce?  If I can find relief from my seasonal allergies with a blend of oils, wouldn’t that be better than ingesting synthetic medicine?  To me it just makes sense to keep on hand at home a myriad of things for our family’s health and well being.   Plus, if I can treat it at home, I’ve saved time and money.

Now, navigating the world of oils and what they are good for is tough because the FDA (government controlled entity) puts limits on what users of oils can say about the oils.  (This is the same government entity that won’t validate claims that vitamin supplements are good for you!)  This is another reason I distrust the government – they push for synthetic medical research and try to censor those who are using (and having success with!) natural remedies.  So forgive me if I have to walk on eggshells but I have to be careful about what I say about the oils so I don’t get in trouble.  But I will be telling you all about them!

Starting with How to Get Started with Young Living Essential Oils which you can read here.  You may be asking, why Young Living out of all the other oil companies out there?   Young Living sets the standard for purity and authenticity. Young Living has a “seed-to-seal” process that means they carefully monitor every step of the production of the oils from beginning to end, ensuring the purity of each essential oil and protecting nature’s living energy in every bottle. This unsurpassed commitment to quality means that you can be confident that Young Living essential oils are both safe and effective.

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