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If you’re looking for gifts for the kids on your list that aren’t exactly like what everyone else is getting then you need to shop eeboo!  eeboo offers games, crafts and toys that will spark imaginative play in the kids at prices that won’t break the bank!  A lot of eeboo’s products are fun AND educational.  And they have toys for kids aged 2 on up to the 8+ crowd!

eeboo gave us the opportunity to pick a toy from their site to try out.  I picked the Community game.  ($19.99 retail).   I thought it looked like something Bug would enjoy and I was right!

Community Game

COMMUNITY challenges players to build roads linking Home to other important locations in a community.


  • For ages 5 and up

  • Deluxe flocked game board. Folds out to 18″x18″

  • 82 flocked game tiles

  • Cooperative Game

I liked that this was a “cooperative game” – meaning there is no winner and loser.  Instead, all players work towards the same goal.  Plus, the concept just sounded right up his alley.

I was greatly impressed with the quality of the game.  It comes with a very sturdy board.  The surface of the board and the backs of the pieces are “flocked” – lined with a thin felt – which means you don’t have to worry about the board being bumped and pieces shifting – a wonderful idea for a game with little hands involved!


You place the “Home” piece and the 12 locations (fire station, hospital, park. library, etc) anywhere on the board.  We took turns doing one at a time.  Then each player is dealt “road” pieces.  You must use the road pieces to connect “Home” to the rest of the community.  There are a few basic rules to placing the roads but it’s easy to grasp.  The game is over when the task of connecting Home to the Community is accomplished.

Bug loved the game.  I found it to be appropriately fun and challenging for a 6 year old.  He also loves anything to do with maps so he often plays it himself and sets up intricate roadways covering up almost the entire board.

I’m glad I found eeboo and this great game!  Don’t forget to check out eeboo’s great toys!  You can shop by age or browse by categories, like active toys, basic skills, games, puzzles, imaginary play, preschool, arts & crafts and more!

Thanks to eeboo for providing us with this great game to try and review!  All opinions are my own.
eeboo’s Community Game is part of the 2014 Holiday gift guide.  You can see more gifts here.

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