Remember Loved Ones with Personalized Ornaments

rememberanceornamentI love my yearly ornament from Ornaments with Love.  The first year I got a personalized family ornament.  Last year, I decided to treat Bug to a soccer ornament for his little Christmas tree in his room.  This year, I wasn’t sure what I wanted until I saw the In Loving Memory Cross Ornament.

Christmas for me is full of memories of my mom.  It was undoubtedly her favorite time of the year.  And in the 6.5 years since she passed I find myself clinging to the things that remind me of her because they feel like they are fading away.  I realized while I have lots of ornaments on my tree that belonged to her, I didn’t really have anything that commemorated her.

ornamentswithloveWhen my ornament came, it was perfectly personalized and I was impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of the ornament.  This ornament will certainly last.  I hope to pass it down to Bug one day so he will have something that reminds him of his Nana at Christmas.

Every Ornaments with Love ornament is personalized by hand and comes with a gift bag and label which makes them perfect for gift giving!  (And easy too!)

Check out Ornaments with Love to make the perfect ornament for you or to give as a gift this Christmas!


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