VeggieTales LIVE 2014 Tour! | Coming to a city near you!

VeggieTales LIVE 2014!  Silly Song Sing-Along Live!

Are You Ready To Get Silly?

The Veggies are super excited about their new TV show!  But, which song is the silliest?  Chaos is bound to ensue when no one can agree on a favorite silly song.  A new invention is unveiled to reveal the silliest of all silly songs.  But when the machine malfunctions and Jimmy disappears, the Veggies must find a way to get along and get Jimmy back!

Sing along with some of your favorite silly songs of all time, including: “Hairbrush,” “Love My Lips,” and “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything”!  And the Veggies will teach you some new songs, too, like “Show You Love” from the brand-new DVD, Beauty and the Beet.  This rollicking musical review of VeggieTales’ greatest hits is sure to delight families as our Veggie friends learn to consider each other’s feelings and wishes, and how to be a good friend at all times.


We were able to see the VeggieTales live show again this year at Valleydale Church in Birmingham.  (We got our Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything tshirt ahead of time from the VeggieTales online store!)

The show certainly didn’t disappoint this year.  It had all our favorite silly songs, “The Water Buffalo Song”, “The Hairbrush Song”, and “The Pirates who Don’t do Anything”.  And they even worked in “The Rumor Weed” into the show and we learned how rumors can hurt.  But it all worked out in the end when Jimmy was found (and it wasn’t Albert’s fault) and everyone was able to sing “I Can Be your Friend.”

Catch VeggieTales live on a stage near you, but hurry!  There are only 11 more shows!  Get more info at


Still not enough Veggies for you?  Well, you’re in luck!  VeggieTales in the House is coming to Netflix in November!

This is an all-new original animated Netflix series featuring all your favorite Veggies with even more valuable lessons to teach!

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