Changes to the Target Coupon Policy | October 2014

Target has made changes to their coupon policy again!

You can see the whole policy here.

Here are the new changes:

  • They have clarified “per purchase” and “per transaction”  (yay!)
    One coupon per purchase means you’re using one coupon per item being purchased. You can use multiples of the same coupon as long as each coupon has a matching item.
    One coupon per transaction means you can use only one specific coupon per store transaction. You can’t use more than one same coupon, even if you’re buying multiple items.
  • They have stated they will accept a manufacturer coupon even if it has another stores logo on it.
    If a coupon states “Manufacturer Coupon,” it’s redeemable anywhere (including Target), even if the coupon states, “Redeemable at Kroger, Cub, etc.” (or any other retailer).

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