Sweet and Simple Baby Shower Ideas

sweetandsimplebabyshowerBack in the spring I co-hosted a baby shower for my bestie and her sweet Molly Kate.  Budget was important and simple was key.  Here are my best tips for a sweet and simple baby shower!

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DSCN18361.  Keep Decorations to a Minimum and use what you have.

I used bows and flower arrangements that I already had.  And kept it simple.  Using what you have (or can borrow!) can save you lots!  Cut fresh flowers or borrow fake arrangements from friends.

We did use a few pink pom poms that I got from Shindigz (one of my favorite party supply sites!)

I got the Pom Pom Garland Pink Pkg/2 ($9.99) – that’s what you see stretched across the room.

And the Hanging Tissue Poms Pkg/8 $12.99) were cute in the corners.

We also did this cute little clothesline of handmade and vintage outfits.  The outfits were made by the grandmother  I love this idea because it’s decoration that the new mom can take home and use.  Even if you don’t have handmade clothes to display you could just display clothes that work in your color scheme or all onesies or frilly dresses.


2.  Keep the food light.

If you have a shower from 2-4 on a Sunday afternoon, no one expects a meal.  (Or at least they shouldn’t).  You’re providing refreshments – not a meal.  Fruit, crackers and cheese, mini sandwiches, veggies, cookies, cupcakes, nuts, chips are all appropriate but you don’t have to do them all.  Just make sure you have enough of what you do choose to serve.

The Pink Lemonade Punch went over very well at our shower and it was super easy!



Pink Lemonade Punch

Country Time Lemonade Mix
Cubed Ice
Lemon Slices
Strawberry Slices

That’s it!  Just mix the lemonade, add to punch bowl with ice and float the fruit slices!

One thing I did splurge on were the Vintage Baby Mini Candy Wrappers.  They are $5.99 for 70 (plus you have to buy the mini candy bars to go with them and they’re not that cheap).  But everyone loved them, including the mom-to-be.  And the thing I loved most of all about the personalized wrappers is that they were STICKERS!  Made it SUPER easy for attaching them to the candy bars!



3. Skip the games.

Games can be a big expense for a baby shower.  Purchasing ribbon and pacifier favors  to make the necklaces for games like “Don’t Say Baby” or purchasing paper and ink for printable games like “The Price is Right” or “Baby Bingo” add up!  Plus, buying “prizes” is another cost.  And when you’re on a budget, I say the games can go.

4.  Spend your money on “practical fun”.

latenightdiapers2This is like the decorating with baby clothes idea – play a “game” that is practical for the new mom!  It’s as easy as opening a pack of diapers and setting them out with permanent markers for guests to write notes on.  Call these “Late Night Diapers” and ask guests to write something encouraging or funny to make those middle of the night diaper changes a little brighter.  (Or maddening if you’re like me and wrote “front” and “back” on the wrong sides! :D ) Other cute ideas are writing “Daddy’s Turn” or “This one won’t last long”.  Let the guests be creative.

5.   Do Something Personal

This idea I actually did at my baby shower 6 years ago.  I wanted something from each guest that I could keep forever.  So I made little cards for everyone to leave a message for me and/or baby.  They’re all in Bug’s baby book and I cherish every one of them.  Especially the one from my grandmother.  Bug was her first great grandson.  She simply wrote “Love you already.”  She passed away 6 months after he was born.  :(

I also took a stack of cards to the hospital with me.  I had the nursing staff that took care of us leave us messages as well as anyone who visited us in the hospital.  It’s a wonderful collection of messages and memories.

messagesforbabyI do this for everyone I know having a baby whether I’m hosting the shower or not.  I usually just make the cards and a note explaining what to do and gift it to them and let them collect the messages how they want.  But a great way to get a lot of messages is to do it at the shower.

Those are my ideas for a sweet and simple baby shower.  What are yours?

Big thanks to Shindigz for sending me some great things for the baby shower!



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