Why, 24? WHY?? | 24 Boxed Set (all NINE seasons) $99.99

HOLY SMOKES!  Have you been watching 24: Live Another Day?  I have!  I am a HUGE 24 fan and was SO excited for a new season!  But the season finale was horrible!  Can’t Jack have a happy ending for once???  WHY?  I don’t want to ruin it if you haven’t watched the last episode yet, but there were TWO major catastrophes!  One of them leave me hopeful that there will be a season 10 however!  One can only hope…

Ok, now for the deal…. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this!

Pre-order 24: The Complete Series with Live Another Day for just $99.99! Yes, $99.99 for ALL NINE SEASONS on DVD! That’s just $11.11 per season! Plus, it includes the made for TV movie, 24: Redemption.

This is amazing since the previous boxed set, 24: The Complete Series, is selling for $181!!

Already have the first boxed set? You can get just 24: Live Another Day for $44.98.

Each item comes with FREE shipping too!

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