Pretty Lace and Jeweled Chokers/Collar Necklaces under $2.00 SHIPPED

I have a (possibly unhealthy) obsession with period dramas.  Victorian, Venetian, British turn-of-the century…love them!  The Tudors, Reign, Downton Abbey, The Borgias….I can’t get enough of them.  Anyway, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m blabbing on about TV shows about past centuries.  It’s because one of the things I love about them is the CLOTHES and JEWELRY.

I came across these pretty peices of jewelry that look like something you might see on one of these shows.  And the prices are nothing like the REAL pieces would cost!

Make yourself feel like royalty with these sales:

Blue Ribbon and Black Lace Jeweled Collar Necklace $1.53 + FREE shipping. It also comes in green, purple and red at a similar price to the blue one. I really like the red one!

Black Lace & Jeweled Collar Necklace $1.31 + FREE shipping

Black Rose Lace Collar Necklace $1.47 + FREE shipping

Tell me, which one (ones?) did you get?

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