Agnitus: 45 Educational Apps for Kids 2-6 years old | Sign up for FREE Trial

Agnitus is a Tablet app (iPad, Android, Kindle) that has over 45 educational games for children 2-6 years old.  And right now you can take advantage of Agnitus’ Free 30 Day Trial Offer!

Features of Agnitus Learning Program:

Smart Report cards that track your child’s progress

Study Time chart to know how often your child is playing

Teacher controls so you can select specific academic skills for your child to focus on – Personalized, FUN learning for children 2 – 8

From inside your account you can monitor your child’s progress in the academic skills the apps focus on.  They’re learning and having fun and you have some piece of mind knowing that their screen time helping them academically!

Hurry and try out Agnitus for 30 days FREE!

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