Train Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Bug’s 2nd birthday was trains.  It was a fun party!

Train Cake

This is what I used to make it > Transportation Puzzle Cakes!TM Build-A-Cake Set

Find more train birthday party supplies

Railroad crossing sign cookies

These were easy to make.  I just made regular sugar cookies (from the roll that you slice and bake – so they’re have a nice round shape) and iced them with white cake frosting and used a tube of black decorator icing to make the signs.  Give the white frosting time to “set” before you try drawing on them.

Bug was just getting interested in Thomas the Train at the time so while the party was completely “Thomas”, we had a few Thomas the Train birthday party supplies too.

Thomas the train party supplies weren’t as easy to find 4 years ago as they are now.  (And the ones you could find were expensive!)  I only needed one tablecloth so I made my own.  I bought a plain blue plastic tablecloth and let Bug help me stick Thomas the Train stickers all over it.  It was a fun way to entertain a 2 year old for an afternoon.  :)

Every birthday party Bug has had has included a table of crayons and coloring sheets for the kids.  I love Frecklebox’s FREE coloring pages.   They can be personalized and they have a train coloring sheet! So you can make one with each party guest’s name on it.  OR in the “child’s name box” you can put “for (name)’s birthday” and the sheet will say “All Aboard for (name)’s birthday!”  How fun!

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