Visting Columbus’ Ships | See Replicas of The Nina and The Pinta

Ok, THIS was a cool trip!  And the dates for 2013 are almost over – sorry I didn’t find out sooner to let you know!  We had to make about a 2 hour trip to Guntersville, AL, to see them.

There are true-to-size replicas of two of Columbus’ ships, The Nina and The Pinta, that actually sail around and stop at different ports for tours!

If you’ve been around the blog long enough you know my little guy loves all things pirate and THIS trip TOTALLY made his day….probably his year.  This was better than Christmas to him.  Not only did he get to board the “pirate” ships but he got to steer one of them, raise an anchor, climb a ladder to the top deck, touch a REAL cannon, and so much more.  In his little mind, he WAS a pirate for a day.

The ships will be at Old Guntersville Marina Site, in Guntersville, AL through November 17th.  Then they have a stop in Demoplis, AL and their last port for the year is Biloxi, MS.

I hope you get to see them and I’ll let you know the 2014 schedule as soon as it’s posted. We will DEFINITELY make this trip again!

Find out more about the Columbus Foundation and The Nina and The Pinta here.

Check out the port schedule here (and bookmark it so you can check back for 2014 dates later!)

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