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Family Circle is a classic magazine!  I remember my mom having a subscription when I was a kid!  Get your subscription today for just $3.75!  Use coupon code WKLYSPEC at checkout.

Since 1932, Family Circle has been providing contemporary moms, teens and their families with great ideas about everyday living. Each issue is packed with lots of useful and insightful
high quality content for moms, including everyday quick and easy recipes, meal planning, fat-fighting, healthy eating, comfort foods, grilling, slow cooking, crafts, holiday DIY decorating, entertaining and special occasion seasonal get-togethers. Every issue contains solidly researched articles about family activities, organizing, green living, cleaning, saving time and money, travel, pets, relationships, beauty, fashion, health, fitness, emotional health, relationships, weight loss and walking. Quality content for teens offers insightful advice about jobs, dating, college prep and more. Quality fiction will entertain and touch your heart.


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