September is National Coupon Month | 10 Interesting Coupon Facts!

Did you know that September is National Coupon Month?  How fun!

I was reading some coupon facts, and one stated that 96% of couponers said that they’d continue to coupon even if they won the lottery!  I’d be one of the 96%, would you?

Here are some more fun coupon facts:

  1. Shoppers saved more than $3 billion last year by using coupons.
  2. 79.8% of consumers regularly shopped with coupons in 2012, compared to 63.6% during pre-recession 2007.
  3. 2.9 billion coupons were redeemed in 2012, saving consumers a collective $800 million in discounts.
  4. Over 50% of the Sunday newspapers are purchased for the coupons
  5. More than one in three male shoppers is shopping multiple stores in order to find the lowest price on needed items.
  6. The age group using coupons the most is the 35-44 year old group – 81.5% use coupons!
  7.  The income group that uses the most coupons is $50,000 – $76,000 – at 81.7%!
  8. Households earning over $100,000 annually are twice as likely to coupon than families who make under $35,000 annually.
  9. 43.9% of coupons redeemed in 2012 were from free-standing inserts, compared to 88% over 20 years ago.  Showing an increase in the use of printable and mobile coupons.
  10. In 2012, 80% of consumers indicated they “feel smarter” when they use coupons.

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