My Heart Will Go On…. | Own a “Heart of the Ocean” Necklace for just $1.39 SHIPPED

Ok, when I saw this I knew I just HAD to tell you about it!

Titanic fans, you can have your own “Heart of the Ocean” necklace for just $1.39 SHIPPED!  Ok, everyone all together now in your best Celine Dion voice… “Neeeear, faaaar, where ever you are.  I believe that the heard does go on….”  Go ahead.  Do the flying on the Titanic pose….I won’t judge you.

Ok, now that I have you all nostalgic….and, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, seriously, how old are you?  :)

Get your “Heart of the Ocean” necklace while you can for so cheap!   I’m thinking this would make a fun gag gift or dirty Santa game gift this Christmas.  Or, if you know a huge Titanic fan, this would be perfect!

You can also grab a matching pair of Heart of the Ocean earrings for just $1.29 SHIPPED.  (HA!  Even the old lady in the movie didn’t have those!!)

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