Angel Soft 48ct Double Rolls $19.23 SHIPPED ($.40 per double roll!)

Whoa!  Here’s a great deal!  (This is $.03 per roll cheaper than it usually is when I give you a heads up on it!)

Right now Angel Soft, Double Rolls, [4 Rolls*12 Pack] = 48 Total Count is on sale for $21.29.  But if you sign up for Subscribe and Save you can get it for $20.23 AND get free shipping! (Subscribe and save items always ship FREE).  If you don’t want the item to ship a second time, just set the Subscribe and Save option for 6 months away and once your item ships you can go back and cancel it completely.

+ Be sure to clip the $1.00 coupon on the middle of the page.  Then you’ll only pay $19.23 with Subscribe and Save!

Angel Soft, Double Rolls, [4 Rolls*12 Pack] = 48 Total Count for $19.23 is like getting it for $.40 per roll!  And they’re double rolls – so it’s just $.20 per single roll!!

This is a great deal!

Want an even better deal?  If you sign up for FIVE Subscribe and save items with the same ship date, you will save 20% on all 5 items!  When I got my last shipment of Angel Soft, I also ordered Glad trash bags, Ziploc Freezer bags, cat food and Finish Dish Tabs – all at really great prices (around my normal in-store stock up price or BELOW) and then SAVED and additional 20% off the whole order!  It was a lot of money up front BUT it was big savings in the long run!  I’m still using everything except that cat food (do you know how fast my cat can go through 48 cans of cat food? Faster than we can go through 48 rolls of toilet paper!  :)

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