What Does a Year’s Worth of Toilet Paper Look Like?

Just in case you’ve ever wondered what a year’s worth of toilet paper looks like… It looks about like this right here:

Now, a year’s worth of toilet paper is going to look differently for every family. But by my calculations, this should be plenty for us. This is 192 double rolls (the equivalent of 384 regular rolls).  If we used 16 of these rolls a month, they would last us 12 months.  I really don’t think we use 16 rolls a month, so this may last us longer.

How long would 192 double rolls of toilet paper last at your house?

How does someone get 192 double rolls of toilet paper?  By scoring a rock bottom deal on Amazon!  I was able to get it by the case at the lowest price per roll I’ve seen it and it was during Amazon’s buy 3 get 1 free sale so I ordered 4 cases (one of them was FREE!)

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