FabKids for Boys is HERE! | Save 50% on your first outfit!

Ok, so FabKids has been around for a bit of time now BUT it’s been just girls clothes.  <insert heavy sigh>  Cute, stylish stuff for boys is just not as easy to come by as it is for girls.  And my little guy likes to be trendy.  (I may or may not have influenced in this direction, nor will I admit that some days I wish I could take it back because I feel like I’m dealing with a teenage girl when it comes to getting dressed in the morning…but I digress..)

Finally, FabKids for BOYS is here!   This new line is perfect for boys–it’s still fun (and colorful), but it’s designed with little boys in minds. Think greens, blues, oranges in the new collection… and a coolness factor that just won’t quit!


As we all get ready-set to go-to-school… you really must take a look at this new-and-improved offer (the addition of the BOYS line make the offer just perfect for all of us)!

Look at this adorable outfit I picked for Bug.    I love the shirt!  And I got it all (jeans, orange undershirt and green striped shirt) for just $19.95!

If you sign up for FabKids right now, you can get your first outfit for 50% off!  Just $19.95 for a complete outfit!

This deal won’t last forever; it’s a steal. If you love it then stay in the FabKids club to get playfully styled outfits, year-round. Don’t love it?  Cancel anytime for any reason with absolutely no strings attached. No penalties. No problem. Try FabKids today.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Take a quiz–to determine your FabKid’s style (This won’t take long.)
  • We’ll recommend personalized outfits playfully styled just for them!
  • You can order today, and receive a discount of 50% off your first FabKids Outfit.*

Then, each month FabKids will suggest an outfit. These playfully styled outfits are only $39.95. It’s easy to accept the recommended outfit with a single-click (either via e-mail or on the site). You may also shop the collection to choose your own outfit, or simply skip the month. There is never an obligation to buy–you may “skip” as often as you’d like.

*Note this offer is valid for any new FabKids member – whether you’re shopping the boys or the girls collection.

If you are not totally delighted with the FabKids experience you may cancel your membership at any time. No problem. We’re here to make shopping for your kids fun, easy and affordable. Period.